Bachelor computer system technology.

The bachelor personal computer scientific discipline addresses a wide standard learning the most crucial subjects in laptop scientific research.

We importance the mediation of perception of essential concept, and also capabilities to resolve realistic troubles. The most important compartment laptop scientific disciplines may be flexibly coupled with kids. Lugging 30 ECTS small in mathematics are compulsory.

Computer system scientific discipline can be picked for a minimal (Insignificant) to a different major area. Inside of a BS in computer system technology bring minimal of15 and 30, 60 or 90 ECTS be determined points; in a very grasp system the opportunity of pc scientific disciplines Children is 30 credits details.

Primary details Education: Bachelor of Scientific discipline in Laptop or computer Science, School of websites that write papers for you Bern magnitude: 180 ECTS offer: Important 90 ECTS.

Give for other education systems:

Insignificant 60 or 30 or 15 ECTS combos: several hours of research: 6 semesters Dialect of teaching: German Investigation: Slip semester.

Lawful schedule.

Course material Plan system combinations trial run preparation work deadlines ailments Completing As soon as the Bachelor.

Process written content.

The following desk shows the plethora of events and plan for your allocation through 6 semesters of computer research within the key compartment. Straight situations are colour-coded. Dependencies are to be observed between the events, although the allocation to the 6 semester is not mandatory. Students majoring in ought to efficiently complete not less than 3 Bachelor occasions in computer technology within the first year.

Study style and design.


The Bachelor class in personal computer scientific research is manufactured as much as 90 ECTS details and a number minimal of 90 ECTS credits and possibly exterior professional services from the big.

Relating to the feasible deduction of other energy systems amounting to some highest possible of 15 ECTS credits each student management determines. With over 15 ECTS credits, the Dean with the School of thought and organic sciences chitchat union determines faculty.

Math is a required small of 90, 60 or 30 ECTS factors.

For any Big Minimal supplied can be picked for the School of Bern along with the right quantity; only the choice of minor and major on the exact discipline of review is not enabled. With ask for and may also are caused by other themes put together small of 60, 30 or 15 ECTS credits are enabled.

Research components Big ECTS Obligatory Insignificant ECTS Slight ECTS 90 Math 90-90 Mathematics 60 30 90 Mathematics 60 15 15 90 Mathematics 60 15 15 Free of charge products and services 90 Math 30 60 90 Mathematics 30 30 30 90 Mathematics 30 30 15 15 90 Math 30 30 15 15 electives.

Study preparing.

College students are accountable for their own individual investigation program. Our Secretariat Director of Scientific studies but is grateful to respond questions. We recommend that you utilize in every hesitation with this offer you.

Please be aware these important notes:

A number of ECTS are recognized for almost any sufficient study effectiveness. A computer technology class matches i. Gen. 5 ECTS.

Effectiveness evaluations.

ECTS points are only counted if the event has been successfully completed, that Performance Assessment must be passed. Performance reviews find every single position just after each event. The precise days shall be declared within the particular events. Usual functionality reviews in computer system scientific research are semester finished tests, required exercises or perhaps a required lecture.

Subscription for lessons.

Another sign up for lessons is generally not necessary. Quite a few events offer documents on e-studying foundation Ilias available. Registration for individual courses to access Ilias content, carried out according to information will be announced separately in each event.

Sign up for effectiveness reviews and KSL.

College students will have to sign-up on their own from the performance reviews in their events. Serves the “core strategy theory” (KSL) within the College of Bern. Here information is saved centrally around the condition of your respective scientific studies. You are able to obtain existing study simply leaves which will show you where you take a position as part of your research below anytime.

Bachelor thesis.

If there are at least 10 events Bachelor sufficient notes and minor services are provided by at least 30 ECTS, with the Bachelor thesis can only be started. The creation of undergrad work will take a lot more than your five many months not more time.

Scientific tests.

The regular scientific tests is 6 semester. If this is not complied with, a written request must be submitted to study life extensions at the Director of Studies.

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